Bye Bye Love

Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel /Paul Simon /Art Garfunkel

    B       F    B       F
R: Bye bye love bye bye happiness
    B     F                      C7     F
   hello loneliness I think I'm gonna cry
    B       F    B        F
   bye bye love bye bye sweet caress
    B    F                     C7       F
   hello emptiness I feel like I could die
               C7       F
   bye bye my love goodbye.

     F            C7                F
1. There goes my baby with someone new
                   C7               F
   she sure looks happy I sure am blue
               B                   C7
   she was my baby till he stepped in
   goodbye to romance that might have been.

2. I'm through with romance I'm through with love
   I'm through with counting the stars above
   and here's the reason that I'm so free
   my loving baby is through with me.

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