Take That

Babe I'm here again
Babe where have you been
Babe I'm back again

I come to your door to see you again
But where you once stood was an old man instead
I asked where you'd be he said "She's moved on you see
All I have is a number you'd better ask her not me"
So I picked up the phone and dialled your number
Not sure to put it down or speak
Then a voice I once knew answered in a sweet voice
She said hello then paused before I began to speak

Babe (babe) I'm here again (I'm here again)
I tell you I'm here again (babe)
Where have you been (where have you been)
Babe (babe) I'm back again (I'm back again)
I tell you I'm back again (babe)
Where have you been

You held your voice well there were tears I could tell
But where were you now was you gonna tell me in time
Just give me a town and I'll be straight down
I've got so much to tell you about where I have been
As I walk down your road I can't wait to be near you
(I) I can't keep (I) the feeling inside (I can't keep it inside)
As I stand at your door you answer in a sweet voice
You say hello then pause before I begin to speak


As you looked away I saw a face behind you
A little boy stood at your door (boy stood at your door)
And when I looked again I saw his face was shining
He had my eyes (my eyes) he had my smile (my smile)

Babe (babe) I'm back again (I'm here again)
I tell you I'm back again (babe)
I'll be here for you (where have you been)
Babe (babe) please take me back (I'm back again)
Take me back (babe) back home again
Babe (babe) please hold me close (I'm here again)
Hold me close (babe) like you used to do (where have you been)
Babe (babe) just me and you (I'm back again)
You and me (babe)
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