I Just Wanna Live

Good Charlotte

A# - G# - F# - G# (2x) 
          B    As           F# 
I need an alarm system in my house 
     As                   B       As 
So I know when people are creeping about 
                F#           As 
These people are freakin' me out 
B           As          F#           As 
It's getting hectic everywhere that I go 
                B         As 
They won't just leave me alone 
                    F#        As 
There's things they all wanna know 
B                     As 
I'm paranoid about the people I meet 
Why are they talkin' to me? 
And why can't anyone see 
             B        As      F# 
I just wanna live 
             As             B                    As    F# 
Don't really care about the things that they say 
             As              B             As     F# 
Don't really care about what happens to me 
As           B               As 
I just wanna live (Just wanna live 
            F#              As              B 
Just wanna live just wanna live just wanna live) 
           B                    B Es C C# 
Just wanna live just wanna live 
       B   As                     F#              
I rock a lawsuit when I'm going to court 
        As                    B 
A white suit when I'm gettin' divorced 
        As                  F# 
A black suit at the funeral home 
And my birthday suit when I'm home alone 
B             As 
Talkin' on the phone 
               F#                 As 
Got an interview with the rolling stone 
                B                  As 
They're saying "Now you're rich and now you're famous 
    F#                 As 
And fake ass girls all know your names and 
Lifestyles of the rich and famous 
Was your first hit aren't you ashamed? 
Of the life of the life 
Of the life we're livin' 
REPEAT CHORUS (at the end hit F four times instead of the whole "just wanna live" part) 
VERSE 3: (Same chords) 
Stop your messin' around boy 
Better think of your future 
Better make some good plans boy 
Said everyone of my teachers 
Lookout, you better play it safe 
You never know what hard times will come your way 
We say where we're coming from 
We've already seen 
The wealth that this life can bring 
Now we're expected everywhere that we go 
All the things that they say 
Yeah we already know 
End on F
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