ABBA /Benny Andersson /Björn Ulvaeus

         C                                               G
1.Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong, you're enchained by your own sorrow.
          F       G            G7       C
  I-----in your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow.
  How I hate to see you like this, there is no way you can deny it.
  G      F      G              G7     C
  I------I can see that you're oh so sad, so quiet.

2.Chiquitita, tell me the truth, I'm a shoulder you can cry on.
  Yo---ur best friend, I'm the one you must rely on.
  You were always sure of yourself, now I see you've broken a feather.
  I------I hope we can patch it up together.

R: Chiquitita, you and I know how the heartaches come and they go,
            C                                               G
  and the scars they're leavin'.   You'll be dancin' once again
           F         G              G7     C
  and the pain will end, you will have no time for grievin'.
  Chiquitita, you and I cry but the sun is still in the sky,
        C                                            G
  and shinin' above you.  Let me hear you sing once more
            F     G            G7         C
  like you did before. Sing a new song, Chiquitita.
   G                      F     G            G7         C
  Try once more like you did before, sing a new song, Chiquitita.

3.So the walls came tumblin' down, and your love's a blown out candle.
  A---ll is gone and it seems too hard to handle.
  Chiquitita, tell me the truth. There is no way you can deny it.
  I .....I can see that you're oh so sad, so quiet.
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