Living in a world of love

Erik Aresta

Cmi                         B     
We are living in a world of love
So think about your partner
We are living in a world of sex
So think about yourself 
I have made this song for you
Listen to what you have to do
ícause this song is about love
But not everybody knows
That love is a stranger thing
I hope you know what I mean
Some people have passed away
When Iím loving I want you stay 
So here we are to give you a message
About love and about people
They change love for a physical pleasure
They are falling down deeper and deeper
Let us help at least by this song
But now you have to listen to it
What is going with love is wrong
We have to change it
Yes we have to do it 
People, you change your partners too quickly
And you are so careless
But donít forget the HIV and other dangers
ícause this partner can be the last
You have to do something to protect yourself
You have to do something to protect your lover
There are so many ways how to do it
But not tomorrow, letís do it right now 
So now what you gonna do
Itís your way, itís up to you
This is your life that you got
You save it or you donít
Why donít you think about yourself
Love game can lead you to help
Thatís my message I wanna send
I believe that you understand
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