Born in the sign of sun


Everyday I`ve seen by now on ways,
Everything I`ve heard in time of last days,
I`ll surely use it, it helps me to find myself.

Every place I`ve been, I saw some rigth things,
which could lift me up when I was down inside.
I enjoy the sun, I enjoy the sing of my life.

: I live my story, the best I can
Each day is for me new experience.
It makes me happy `cause
I was born in the sing of sun.

Yet there are a lot of people we will pass
And some will be with and some againts us.
Let`s learn about life, let`s learn about love and be cheerfull.

I believe there`s something to believe in,
I know that love could change the world we live in.
Day by day it`s nicer, now I`ve found the answer at last.

: ...
I am sure I can say, I was born this way -
in the sign of sun.
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