Auld Lang Syne

Robert Burns

          G                  D
1. Should auld acqauintance be forgot
        G                C
   and never brought to mind
          G                  D
   should auld acqauintance be forgot
        G      C          G
   and days of auld lang syne.

       G          D
R: For auld lang syne my dear
       G          C
   for auld lang syne
          G            D
   we'll tak'a cup o'kindness yet
       G     C    G
   for auld lang syne.

2. We twa ha'e run about the braes
   and pu'd the gowans fine
   but we've wander'd mony a weary fit
   sin'auld lang syne.


3. We twa ha'e paidl'd i'the burn
   from mornin'sun till dine
   but seas between us braid ha'e roar'd
   sin'auld lang syne.

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