5th Dimension /Galt MacDermot /James Rado /Gerome Ragni
Muzikál: Vlasy (Hair)

   Emi      Ami - D           Emi
1. When the moon    is in the seventh house,
       Ami     - D             Emi
   and Jupiter     aligns with Mars.
        Ami   -  D                Emi
   Then peace      will guide the planets,
       C - D                G
   and lo-ve will steer the stars.
   This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius,
                       - Ami    D          Ami
   the Age of Aquarius.       Aquarius.   Aquarius.

    G                 C
2. Harmony and understanding,
    G                   C
   sympathy and trust abounding,
    G                     C
   no more falsehoods or derisions,
          G               C
   golden living dreams of visions,
                  E   Ami
   mystic crystal revelation,
                     Dmi  Emi
   and the mind`s true liberation,
     Dmi       Ami
   Aquarius. Aquarius.

3. = repeat verse 1  

             Dmi       Ami
+ Aquarius. Aquarius. Aquarius.
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