Es, F#

Stay stay stay 
and Iíll give you all you say 
Day day day 
I say my prayers everyday 
Babe babe babe 
Iím crying everywhere 
Hey hey hey 
I donít care what people say 

F#                 H          Es, F#, Es, F#
Iím Bad but youíre my revival 
F#              H                     
donít let me be wicked all the time 

ģ: Donít let me die 
            F#           E                Es     
because you are the only reason I live my life 
          C#   As G      
I want to kill my past 
         F#                       E                 Es   
somebody knows taht itís such a totally pleasant crime 
         F#                 E       
somebody knows that itís so nice. 

Babe babe babe 
brand the fire to my brain 
Hey hey hey 
do not wait for anotheday 
Snake snake snake 
Everyday I become a snake 
Late late late 
itís not late to stop this game 

Iím Mad but youíre my revival 
donít let me be wicked all the time
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