I Wanna Be With You

Mandy Moore

I try but I can't seem to get myself
to think of anything but you

Your breath on my face your warm,
gentle kiss I taste the truth, I taste the truth
We know what I came here for
So I won't ask for more 

#I wanna be with you
If only for a night
To be the on who's in your arms to hold you tight
I wanna be with you
There's nothing more to say
There's nothing else I want more than to feel this way
I wanna be with you 

So I'll hold you tonight like I would if you were mine to hold forevermore
And I'll savor each touch that I've wanted so much to feel before, to feel before
How beautiful it is
Just to be like this 

#I wanna...

Oh, baby
I can't fight this feeling anymore(anymore)
Drives me crazy when I try to
So call my name and take my hand
Can you make my wish, baby, your command(command)?

#I wanna...
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